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August 24, 2016
The food is some of the best in Lansing! Nice service also.
Dwayne Schwarz

August 19, 2016
Nice place the people r vary nice here. Dasie even got her burger here to.
Paul Curtis

July 23, 2016
Yes... just yes... Amazing food and even better service. Also they open early so its a 3rd shifters heaven.
Michael Tomosek

May 31, 2016
The best double cheese burger I have ever eaten! There will be many more gobbled by me!!
Grady Penny

May 3, 2016
Best place to morning drink is Lansing. Joe is the best bartender. 10/10.
Steve Chartaris

December 7, 2015
Greatest bar in Lansing. All the servers and bartenders are friendly. Hosts of karaoke and trivia are fun! And best damn burgers in Lansing, hands down!!!
Isabel Montemayor

November 30, 2015
Great bar food and excellent service. The Slapper and the Half and Half are my favorites. Although the Cony Dogs are good too.
Lori Edwards

November 29, 2015
Great Staff... (family own and run)..
Great Food.... Best drinks in town...
Lori Powell

November 9, 2015
It's a good place for our Pool league on Wednesday nights. Burgers are the best.
Vivienne Kraterl

November 6, 2015
I have always had a good time - cute little spot and lots of entertainment options! Prices are good as well and so was the food!
Charnita Alexander

October 31, 2015
One of my all time favorite spots. Pauly and the staff are great, and the food and drinks are amazing.
Fred Thomas

October 23, 2015
Its s great place to unwind and laugh meet new people good food and staff.
Sylvia Allen

May 14, 2015
Julie & I celebrated our birthday last Saturday at Leroy's with our friends & had lots of fun. I would like to say thank you to Joe, Mr. Leroy & family for reserving the tables. Also thanks to the staff for great service & good food. We always have lots of fun at Leroy's & enjoy the food.
Jodie Obrien

April 9, 2015
Love this place. All time best burgers. I would recommend the half and half or the classic slammer
Amy Montre-Estrada

December 13, 2014
Awesome staff and great food! Nice spot for a party or get together!
Elizabeth Moreno